Microtablet counting machine is attracting visitors' attention

Minitablets counting machine

After three years, Achema in Frankfurt opened its doors from 11 to 15 June 2018 and presented itself once again as the leading exhibition for the process industry.
Since 1920, Collischan is represented at Achema as one of the leading companies in dosing pharmaceutical products.
Also, this year we were able to attract many international visitors.
In addition to various filling machines for powders or granules, especially the counting machine for mini tablets provided many requests (left side of the picture).
As smaller version of the already existing Multicount60, this variant aims at the growing market of micro products. Globules, dragees and mini tablets can be dosed with a speed up to 60 fillings / minute. If the performance of one counting head is not enough, up to eight machines can be coupled easily together.
Visitors were convinced by the sophisticated camera based counting algorithm and the patented counting principle, which allows a very small installation space. Due to the modern concept of our counting machines, less space and decreased cleaning effort in comparison to other systems are required. All necessary parts from the Multicount-Mini can be dismantled within three minutes. Another highlight is the self-optimizing control of the vibratory troughs which automatically finds the right parameters.

At this point, we would like to thank all visitors who have made the exhibition successful. We wish you a brilliant year 2018 and hope that we will see you again at Achema 2021.