From fine spores to fibrous products - the variety of spices in the food industry is changing the everyday consumption. At the same time it challenges the weigh filler to be as flexible as possible. Thanks to this flexibility and the “easy to clean design” the investment into an automatic or semiautomatic machine turns out to be profitable in most cases.

The effect of the product

Frequently changing products pose a big challenge for the weighfiller. With our elaborated fixing system with quick release fasteners you can disassemble the product touching parts for cleaning within only a few seconds.

Mixed products

Our decades long experience allows us to guarantee almost no segregation when processing mixed products.

The effect of the operator

To reduce the influence of wrong adjustments to the weighing result, our weighfillers have a self-optimising control system which regulates the speed of the vibration chute on its own. Therefore there is no need for the operator to adjust these parameters because our machine is managing everything on its own.

The effect of the weighfiller

In a lot of cases our customers need a weighfiller which is able to work within a wide weighing range. Our weighifiller can cover for example a weighing range of 50g-5000g as a special option. Furthermore, the customer can have additional customized run out hoppers for different bag sizes.

When the customer for example needs a filler with the output of up to 120 packages/min we can implement multiple filling heads. We also can create customized solutions to solve special customer problems (e.g. small bottleneck, dusty product, explosive material).

Please get in contact with one of our sales people who will create a customized solution with you.

The effect of the material

If the customer wants to fill a sticky product we can either use special mirror steel with a surface quality of less than 0,8 µm, integrate a vibration system at some parts or use a special coating for the product touching parts.

Zur Abfüllung von Gewürzen empfehlen wir folgende Maschinen:

Dosierwaage S706

Abfüllwaage S715

Abfüllanlage S720