• für Tabletten, Kapseln und Dragees

Tablets & capsules

Tablets and Capsules are the most common dosage forms of pharmaceutical products and nutrition supplements Tablets, capsules and dragees normally slightly vary by weight and therefore counting the products can be more accurate than weighing. In some other cases it although make sense to dose the tablets and capsules by weight. As one of the leadings manufacturers of weigh fillers as well as counting machines we are able to find the best solution for your demand.

Our counting machines are designed to be compact in size and usable for a wide range of different products (e.g. tablets, capsules, dragees...) without any format parts.


In many cases tablets are sensitive against shocks and especially against shear forces. Our tablet counting machines are designed to allow a gentle product transport and to reduce the falling heights to minimum.


Cleanroom is very expensive and in a lot of cases it is simply not possible to increase the existing room conditions. Therefore we design our counting machines to be compact in footprint. Especially our new developed counting machine multicount60 is by far the most compact counting machine in its range of performance.

Counting machine

For filling different products you need to have different format parts? Not with our flexible to use counting machines – you don't need any format part when you want to change to a different product size or format.


The common tablet counters in the market which are using light sensors are very sensitive against dust. Our multicount60 is using a camera system which is analyzing every object detailed to reduce the sensitivity against dust and to increase the counting speed.