Static Checkweigher TC 8210

For applications with up to 80 weighings per minute we can deliver the static checkweigher TC 8210 as an alternative solution to the dynamic scales. The weighing process without movement provides extraordinary accurate measuring results and enables a compact and low cost construction.

Flexible Software

According to your requirements and preferences you can programme the operation terminal so you can always monitor the data which is important to you. All the signals can be fl exibly programmed and linked together in every possible way. Therefore the machine can be customized to your specifi c needs and you have the ability to determine the importance of occurrences yourself.

Remote function

With the remote function you have the ability to control the scale or to monitor the parameters and the statistic with an external PC. Therefore different machines can be controlled from the same place. The integration can be done with ethernet as well as RS232 interface.

Logbook and statistic

In the logbook you can trace back important interferences with date and time. Additionally the free confi gurable statistic informs you of all the important data. All the parameters are saved automatically. Therefore you can view data from production batches in the past. The statistical data can be illustrated as a line chart, deviation from target weight and histogram.

Multitrack application

We provide compact weighing systems with several channels for the integration in multitrack production and packaging lines.

Customized solution

In the development phase we work closely with our customers to solve extraordinary tasks. In a personal meeting we work out the ideal confi guration of your machine together with you. The conveyer belts are customized to your packages or products by length and width to reach an optimised measuring result.