Precision filling scale SW 703

The precision filling scale SW 703 is our solution for filling small quantities. This machine handles your products gently and is a good alternative to auger fillers, because there aren’t any shear forces. It´s 100% weight control eliminates the possibility of drifting of the dosage. The weighing range of the precision filling scale SW 703 is up to 10g with a resolution of 0,0001g.

Modular setup

The modular setup of the weighing machine allows optimization to our customer´s special requirements (product- , space - and performance-requirements). Therefore our customers receive a special purpose machine for a very low prize and that can reach a weighing performance of 30 fillings per minute.

Self-optimizing Control

Control systems reach the target weight as mean value, at the lowest possible dispersion within the tolerance limits specified. Therefore rough and fine dosing can be operated with one vibrated chute. Our weighing machine controls the speed of the vibration feeder with a digital adaptive control algorithm. The parameters (flow behavior, falling height and weight) are automatically measured and permanently checked.

Hygienic design

The precision filling scale is exclusively manufactured in stainless steel and is very easy to clean. All product touching parts can be removed without tools and cleaned sterile within a couple of minutes. That allows an economically filling of different products even in small batches.

Explosive-proof design

The precision filling scale SW 703ex complies with all requirements of electrical systems and their equipment in explosive areas. Depending on customer request we can offer constructions for different zones (0, 1 or 2 and 20, 21 or 22) and temperature ranges up to T6. If our customer desires, we can also share our experience with machines for ex-proof and design a complete safety concept.


The SW 703 is equipped with the standard statistics counter, mean value and standard deviation, which are shown on the display. Different ways to send the weigh values to an external network are possible.


The machine supports external synchronization (signal from a packaging machine), a foot switch or internal synchronization (conveyor with automatic filling station for bottles or other containers). Our weighing machines are although often integrated in complete packaging lines.