multicount 60

Using the latest technology, our brand new counting machine meets all requirements for counting tablets, dragees and capsules. Our novel counting and dosing system allows outputs of up to 60 dosings /min (100 counts) per counting head in an extraordinary compact device. The use of fewer and more light weight contact parts saves space in the production area and furthermore reduces cleaning time. The output can be increased by a factor of 2 to 3 by multiplying the number of counting heads.

Self-optimising control

The counting machine multicount60 controls the speed of the vibration feeder with a digital adaptive control algorithm. The parameters (flow behavior, speed of the vibration chute and counted quantity) are automatically calculated and permanently observed. The vibrating chute is automatically controlled, based on values for counted quantity and output. The speed is permanently monitored and revised. To adjust the machine to a new product the operator only has to set the quantity, the size of the tablet and the output per minute – all internal adjustments are automatically performed by the machine.

Control unit

The 15” touch display user interface covers all demands of the pharmaceutical industry. If it is necessary, the machine can run with a 21 Part 11 compliance option, statistics history can be monitored or data backup and storage of the statistics data can be done via USB stick or Ethernet. Connecting the multicount60 to a management system like SAP or Oracle is although possible.

Object detection with camera system

The brand new object detection system is able to detect tablets which are not clearly separated one by one. This offers a huge advantage compared to conventional counting systems not only because miscounts are eliminated but also parameter adjustments are reduced dramatically.

GMP Design

During the development and design process of the multicount60 we made sure that the highest demands regarding GMP design are met and the cleaning process is as easy and fast as possible.

Line integration

Having been a leader in the production of packaging machines and complete lines for decades, we are your perfect partner to discuss a packaging line – no matter if you want to install a completly new line, complete a line with our multicount60 or replace an existing counting machine.